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Revolutionising the bottle-feeding experience for mums and baby

Revolutionising the bottle-feeding experience for mums and baby

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Bottle-feeding expressed breast milk or formula presents challenges for virtually all parents in keeping your baby safe, happy and well-fed. Whether you’re a first-time mother who is scrambling to make it work, or a second or third time mum wanting to improve the feeding experience, you’re not alone in these struggles! The juggling act of safe bottle warming, successful latching and after-feeding cleaning, is made harder by contrasting advice and the sheer choice of products on the market. 

Strides have been made in recent years to enhance the humble bottle for the benefit of bub, and to better accommodate the lifestyle and expectations of the modern parent. However, mothers are often still subject to a manual, lengthy and inconsistent feeding process that detracts from quality time spent with your baby and causes unnecessary stress. Wouldn’t it be great if more of the ‘guesswork’ could be taken out of bottle feeding?

RochiLou thinks so too! As an Australian supplier of innovative and scientifically proven baby products, they believe that having the right products can help simplify your life, alleviate the stress surrounding feeding, and make the whole process of being out and about with your baby a little more fun. 

In this article, they tackle three core components of feeding that are central to the experiences of mums and their little ones, and offer modern solutions to boost your confidence and peace of mind. Lending her expertise in support to these products is Kathy Fray - a midwife, best-selling author and award-winning, international Maternity Consultant. As a holistically-minded midwife, Kathy is a passionate promoter of mothers-to-be accessing empowering maternity education and a thought-leader of Integrative Maternity Healthcare information.

All-in-one breastmilk feeding 

For breastfeeding mums, bottle feeding should not serve as a hindrance to the process of feeding, and the bottle should ideally facilitate the transition from breast to bottle and back to breast, for the purpose of flexible feeding. Sadly, the reality is often quite different. When using many baby bottles, alternating between nipple and teat can be an unsettling experience for your baby, resulting in a baby who won’t easily latch and a discouraged mum. 

Meanwhile, the preparation of expressed breast milk complicates matters further, as once you’ve found a suitable bottle, then comes the task of finding a breast pump compatible with your bottle, and the issue of warming it safely. Mums are switching between various methods and products to accomplish this, and it’s exhausting just thinking about it! It’s pretty safe to say that modern mothers are yearning for a more fluid and intuitive way to support them during the whole feeding cycle. 

The importance of supporting mums’ delivery of breast milk is emphasised by midwife Kathy Fray: “The more science studies the benefits (short-term and long-term) of human babies receiving human milk, the more benefits we keep discovering. Frankly, the list is practically bottomless now. To describe formula as a breastmilk substitute grossly understates the health benefits of human breast-milk on human-beings!”

nanobébé, an innovator in the field of baby products and led by a team of pediatricians, lactation consultants, and biomedical engineers, are not satisfied with the status quo. They set out to reinvent the bottle feeding experience, and the result is an award-winning, scientifically proven, all-in-one solution for pumping, warming, storing and feeding. The bottle’s game-changing design preserves the important nutrients of breastmilk and aims to offer a feeding experience second only to breastfeeding itself.  

Kathy Fray is full of praise for the nanobébé design: "It is incredibly refreshing to come across an infant bottle-feeding system that is specifically designed for preserving the nutrients in Breastmilk at their natural optimum levels. The clever and innovative bottle design is ideal for parents sharing the night-feed 'roster' and mothers needing to return to work".

How the nanobébé bottle supports breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mums and their bubs:  

  • Patented geometry meaning milk doesn’t have to travel as far to your baby's mouth
  • Ergonomic ‘breast’ shape and silicone teat that closely mimics the breast
  • The first bottle to preserve the nutrients of breast milk
  • Warms evenly to prevent overheating
  • Warms x2 times faster than standard baby bottles
  • Promotes quicker cooling to fight bacterial growth
  • Includes a breast pump adaptor

Testament to the safety and time-saving elements of the nanobébé, “The inverted bottle shape is a clever feature to enable milk to be more evenly heated in comparison to traditional baby bottles, and the design does quicken the milk heating time, without increasing the risk of nutrient-damaging from uneven, over-heating” says Kathy.

Convenient and healthy bottle warming 

If you’ve tried to sneak in a bottle feed without heating the milk first, you may have noticed that your baby becomes fussy or rejects it completely. Most babies prefer warm milk as they expend more energy digesting cold liquids, and unheated milk may contribute to tummy troubles.

When it comes to bottle warming of either breastmilk or formula, mothers often grapple with the factors of safety and convenience. Many mothers will be aware that turning to a microwave for heating is a no-go, as it can result in uneven pockets of heat that may burn your baby’s mouth and destroy nutrients in the milk. So where should they turn? Do a Google search for the phrase “how do I warm my baby’s bottle?” and at the top of the list, is usually the traditional and imprecise method of placing the bottle in a bowl or pot of hot, but not boiling water. It’s not exactly the answer busy mums are hoping for, and it’s of zero help if you’re out and about with your baby.  

Kathy Fray highlights another need for convenient bottle warming and bottle feeding more generally: “I always advocate the lactating women herself should avoid feeding her baby bottled breast milk where possible - as we want the babe to always associate their mother with breastfeeding and not turn their nose up at the breast - meaning the key benefit of feeding a baby expressed breast milk is the point that other carers can do this, such as the woman's partner / baby's father.”

Bottle warmers with in-built heating mechanisms to bridge safety and convenience, are growing in popularity among mums; however not all are created equal or provide the mobility mums seek. 

Just ask Jiffi, the world leader in portable and home bottle warmers that use proven core heating technology to heat water for a formula bottle, and heat expressed breast milk. The Jiffi range takes the guesswork out of warming a bottle, by giving mums a convenient way to accurately control milk temperature and thereby provide a safe, nutrition-filled bottle for their baby. Jiffi also comes to the rescue in offering compact, convenient designs and a must-have portable version that will keep mums and their families self-sufficient while travelling. 

How the Jiffi portable bottle warmer supports mums and their bubs:

  • A USB-charged, portable baby bottle warmer
  • It can heat a baby's 120ml bottle up to 3 times on a single charge
  • It can keep a 120ml bottle warm for 3-4 hours on a single charge
  • 3 selectable water temperatures - 37, 40 and 45 degrees - allows for the desired water temperature for your baby's milk
  • Incorporates a specially designed formula dispenser that sits on the base; holding up to 150g of formula that dispenses in 10g increments per press
  • The heating element is food and medical grade for safe heating of sterilised water
  • Fits over 24 popular brands of wide neck baby bottles (53mm) 
  • Has a powered home version as well if preferred

Safe and effective bottle sterilisation  

Modern mothers want a simple, efficient and environmentally-friendly method of sterilising baby bottles and accessories after use, whether they’re at home or during travel. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the landscape for baby product sterilisation, with manual methods still reigning supreme. For such an important task as protecting your baby’s fledgling immunity against infections and symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting, sterilisation is not something you want to leave to chance.

Dipping bottles into boiling water for approximately 5 minutes is the tried and true method, but standing about in the kitchen risking burns to themselves, is generally not an enticing prospect for busy, tired mums who want minimal-fuss cleaning. And once again, this isn’t a portable solution. An antibacterial cleaning solution is the other route mothers can go, but it carries the potential risk of exposing your baby to chemical residue that might remain on surfaces or leach into inferior plastics that will enter their mouths.

Now, imagine spending 3 minutes to sterilise your baby’s bottle or any item your baby touches, without the use of water or chemicals. This is surely music to any mother’s ears! 59S Sterilisation is a product that does just that, and is poised to become the future of sterilisation for discerning, modern mums. It leverages the use of LED, hospital-grade ultraviolet light that is 99.9% effective in eliminating germs, bacteria and viruses, and involves zero chemicals, and neither steam nor heat. 

UV Sterilisation has been widely used for sterilising hospital equipment for over 60 years, because it eliminates virtually all germs and bacteria by destroying their molecular structure. The flagship 59S sterilisation wand is the gold standard in baby product sterilisation, and sits alongside the other products in their range, including the ‘59S LED UVC Multipurpose Cabinet’ which is a perfect fixture for the kitchen benchtop and quickly cleans grouped items such as bottles, teethers and dummies/pacifiers.

How the 59S Sterilisation wand supports mums and their bubs::

  • 100% ozone free and chemical free
  • Simple press and scan functionality - apply directly to the area you wish to sterilise and stop at anytime during the sterilisation process
  • Lightweight and portable with an inbuilt battery. It can easily be stored in your nappy bag or hand bag. bag or luggage.
  • Safety-first design in which the inbuilt smart sensor shuts down automatically whenever it is turned over during the sterilisation process, and includes a child lock

Where to find the products

Modern mums deserve innovative baby products that suit their lifestyle and needs, enhance their comfort during feeding, and of course, improve their baby’s wellbeing and feeding experience. Rochilou is delighted to provide Australian mums access to their exciting range of Nanobébé, Jiffi and 59S Sterilisation solutions, and invite you to visit their website to learn more.