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About Kiddipedia

Kiddipedia’s store is an extension of the principal website found at

As Australia’s leading parenting resource, Kiddipedia’s principal site is renowned for publishing evidence based, expert information and advice from subject matter experts and thought leaders. This is to support parents to be the best they can be, so children live the life they deserve and pass this down for generations to come building a bigger, better Australia.

Kiddipedia provides everyday busy Australian parents with a centralised site as our keyword search aggregates Australia’s leading parenting websites and their content in one place. This saves you time, gives you answers fast.

The Kiddipedia store continues to save time and provide premium information, this time by our comprehensive shopping destination that is supported by education for parents on each of the leading products and services that can be purchased directly from our site.

Buying online can be a little disconcerting at times. Kiddipedia’s store will ensure you make informed decisions and confident online purchases through the advice, data and knowledge that supports it.

Kiddipedia - Where Parent’s Go For Their Answers.