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Behind The Brand: Medescan

Behind The Brand: Medescan
14 / Mar

Behind every brand is the heartbeat of a founder / owner who has worked tirelessly to grow their business to what you know and recognise today. 

To honour these incredibly hardworking individuals, we pull back the curtain and invite them to step out into the spotlight to share a little about their stories to learn about their credo and how you have come to know of them. 

Today we celebrate Lucy Baraya Diba, Director of Sales and Owner of Medescan. 


Q1- Tell us, what was the inspiration behind starting Medescan? 

Having been in the pharmacy industry for over 20 years, having noticed the lack of Australian companies is this field, and as a mother, I recognised the need for high-end diagnostic products without the high-end price tag.

As a family run business we felt it was imperative for the industry and community alike to have access to a range of products that meet and exceed the high level of standards expected within the industry while boasting great value.

It was with this notion that Medescan was born. Overall, we aspired to create a brand that was Australian and that was to be trusted by Australians. 

Q2- How do you see that the world has changed since then? 

The world is constantly craving more improvements, innovation and technology in everyday products.  We at Medescan, aim to bring innovation and technology together at an affordable price.

Q3- Did you identify a gap in the market, then, that helped make the brand what it is now? 

Absolutely, We were the first to  introduce the Touchless Thermometer using infrared thermometry.  At the time, being new parents, it was very stressful trying to get a screaming baby's temperature using conventional thermometers.  Soon after, Medescan continued to innovate and was first to introduce into the Australian market the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier and smart thermometer.

Q4- What problem do you solve for your customers? 

We aim to provide our customers with innovative, good quality and affordable products.

Q5- What difference do you hope Medescan products can make to families and children? 

Our products are designed to "care for your family".  We have a diagnostic, home, health and beauty range.

Q6- Do you recall who your first customers were? What did they think about your product? 

When we launched our first product, being the Touchless Thermometer, we actually sold out in 2 days!  Our customers absolutely loved the product, how easy and accurate it was and the fact that it was affordable and TGA Listed.

Q7- Do you think it’s important for your customers to know your brand’s mission and vision? 

Definitely as it encapsulates what we stand for : 

Medescan is an Australian brand that supplies health and beauty products designed for your home. The brand launched in 2011 with the Medescan Touchless Thermometer and has continued to introduce innovative products to both the Australian and International markets.

Customer Service Promise:  At Medescan we strive for unparalleled customer service and 100% client satisfaction.

Our Mission: Medescan recognises the need for high-end home, health and beauty products without the high-end price tag. We feel that it is imperative for the industry and community alike to have access to a range of quality products that meet and exceed the high-level standards within the industry whilst boasting great value.

Medescan is committed to bringing you the latest in technology and best quality products at unbeatable value. We are committed to “looking after your family”.

Q8- What’s the best thing Medescan customers say about your brand? What would you like your customer’s know you for?

 Medescan is a trusted brand, known for good quality, reliable and affordable products 

Q9- What makes your Medescan unique? 

We are an Australian company with an International brand that is not only trusted by everyday Australians but mums and dads all over the world.

Q10- What is next/future for your brand? 

Our goal is to continuously introduce new and innovative products to our consumers at an affordable price.  We do manufacture overseas but we are also expanding into manufacturing right here in Australia!